Josh Foster

Safety Manager , Sonoma Aviation

Josh is the Safety Manager at Sonoma Aviation. His dedication to leadership and team development is evident in his interactions and managerial approach. With a fervent passion for safety, Josh invests wholeheartedly in every aspect of his role, ensuring that safety standards are not just met but exceeded.

Josh earned his Bachelor’s degree in History from Cal State San Marcos, where he developed keen research and analytical skills. He also co-hosted various shows on the college radio station KKSM. His involvement ranged from sports broadcasting to running his own morning drive-style show, highlighting his diverse talents and communication prowess.

His professional career began at Walmart, where over six years, he advanced from a cashier to Personnel Manager. In December 2021, Josh began his career at Carlsbad Jet Center as a line service technician. His dedication and skill were quickly recognized, leading to his role as the CJC Safety Advocate in October 2022. His rapid progression continued, and by July 2023, Josh was appointed Safety Manager, overseeing both Carlsbad jet Center and Sonoma Jet Center. Currently, he is spearheading the effort to achieve Stage III IS-BAH certification for both Sonoma Jet Center and Carlsbad Jet Center, showcasing his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational excellence in aviation.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Josh relishes the laid-back lifestyle of Southern California. He enjoys spending time at the beach with friends and his dog, Skyla. A film and TV enthusiast, Josh is also an avid sports fan, passionately following hockey and football.