Our Values

At Sonoma Aviation, our core values safety, teamwork, hospitality, community, innovation, and sustainability are the cornerstone of our identity and the driving force behind our exceptional service. Our commitment to integrity and open and collaborative business practices enables us to align with the values of operators, pilots, the airport, the community, and local government.

A Commitment to Core Values

As a closely held private company, we are not putting shareholders first, or increasing fees while we reduce services. We provide an unparalleled experience for guests, private jet passengers, and pilots at our FBOs, ensuring every interaction is marked by our commitment to these core values:



Safety is of paramount priority at Sonoma Aviation. We rigorously implement and maintain the highest safety standards to ensure the well-being of our teammates and our clients. Both of our current FBOs are Stage II under the International Standard – Business Aviation Handling, the premier independent standard for FBO Safety.

Each FBO has its own Safety Advocate who reports directly to the Chief Executive. We are early adopters of the VOCUS system for Safety Management Systems reporting and management.

Our thorough Safety Management System is not just a protocol; it’s a promise to our guests and pilots that every aspect of their journey, from arrival to departure, is safeguarded with the utmost care.



Teamwork is the backbone of our operations. We believe in the power of collaboration to deliver seamless and efficient service. Our team members, from ground staff to management, work in unison to ensure every need of our guests and pilots is met with professionalism and efficiency. This synergy is evident in the smooth handling of every aircraft and the warm, coordinated welcome each visitor receives.

People who work at our company work as a team to accomplish our mission. As team members, we respect each other’s individuality, capitalizing on each other’s strengths and holding each team member accountable for achieving excellence, while ensuring that we keep our work fun.



Hospitality is the heart of Sonoma Aviation. We strive to create an environment where guests and pilots feel genuinely cared for and valued. Our FBOs are more than just facilities; they are havens of comfort and luxury, where guests can relax and pilots can rejuvenate, ensuring everyone leaves with a memorable and pleasant experience.

Each member of our team is focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Every team member anticipates the client’s needs, offering each client services before he or she requests them



We exist as an integral part of the community, not apart from it. We make decisions with the welfare of our community in mind and we strive to maintain an open yet secure environment where all members of the community are welcome. We host regular aviation open houses to get to know the airport community, build trust, and share our love of aviation with the public.

Our team members become active volunteers and join local aviation organizations such as the local Women in Aviation and 99s chapters, the local Experimental Aircraft Association chapters, local STEM inspired programs, aviation museums, and airport associations.

We work with airport managers and community leaders to creatively problem-solve airport issues.

We establish relationships with local lodging, restaurants, sports, and businesses so we can work together to introduce visitors to our community.



Innovation drives us to constantly improve and elevate our operation at our FBOs. In order to provide the best service for our clients, we always look for new ideas and opportunities to meet their changing needs. We provide best in class facilities for our guests and pilots.

We are investing in new technologies including the Hangar Safe safety system, new tug technologies and electric refuelers.

We were one of the first FBOs in the country to stock and sell Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and have been chosen to be one of the first with unleaded avgas.

Highly relevant to this RFP, we have redefined ourselves as an FBO management company to allow airport sponsors to rely on a private company whose interests are aligned with the airport’s needs.



We are committed to environmental stewardship and actively implement practices to reduce our ecological footprint. From sustainable building designs to eco-friendly operational practices, we ensure that our activities not only serve our guests and pilots but also contribute positively to the planet.

We commit to engaging in practices that will allow us to sustain our business, our environment, and our long-term vision of success for our company and the community.