Expertise in Real Estate and Airport Development

At Sonoma aviation we bring a unique aviator’s insight into real estate and airport development – combining a deep understanding and extensive experience to bring an unparalleled value to our projects. We specialize in the complexities of general aviation real estate and development, offering a full spectrum of services to support airports, FBOs, developers, and flight departments in reducing risks and maximizing their investments.

Sonoma Aviation Carlsbad Jet Center FBO

A Strategic Approach for Long-Term Maximization of Returns

We understand that strategic investment decisions are crucial. Our expertise lies in accurately understanding the current state of markets as well as predicting future market demands. We ensure the investments are not only feasible, but are primed for significant appreciation. Navigating the intricate processes of entitlement and development in long-term aviation real estate project is our forte. We ensure our clients receive optimal value and returns on their investments.

Benefit from Our Years of Expertise in Aviation Design and Project Management

We bring a unique point of view, our safe operational efficiency, top-tier service, and customized and tailored solutions that are the perfect fit for any project.


Concept Design and Pre-Construction Due Diligence

At Sonoma Aviation, we begin with a detailed concept design phase, complemented by thorough pre-construction due diligence. Our expertise enables us to anticipate and address any potential challenges early in the design process, ensuring a smooth transition to construction.


Jurisdictional Approval

We help our clients and investors accelerate into the market. What sets Sonoma Aviation apart is bringing our unique personal touch to every project. Our extensive experience includes FBO and Hangar acquisition and development.


Construction Oversight

Our construction oversight is rigorous, aimed at minimizing budget risks and liabilities while driving efficiency. We supervise every aspect of the construction phase to ensure the highest standards are met.


Aviation Real Estate and Management Services

At Sonoma Aviation, our Development Services Team brings decades of experience in airport and aviation property design and construction. We fully manage the development and construction process from inception to completion, ensuring every project is a testament to our commitment to excellence in aviation design and development.

Maximize your Return on Investment

We excel at creating an FBO that provides exceptional safety, service and hospitality.  

Our strategy is designed for our clients to receive optimal value and returns on their investments.