Sonoma Aviation FBOs Attain ISBA-H Stage 3 Accreditation

SANTA ROSA, Calif. / May 14, 2024 / AVIATION NEWS —Sonoma Aviation proudly announces both Carlsbad Jet Center (KCRQ) and Sonoma Jet Center (KSTS) have achieved IS-BAH Stage 3 accreditation. 

This prestigious recognition underscores Sonoma Aviation’sunwavering commitment to safety, professionalism and operational excellence at its California fixed base operations (FBOs).

“We are incredibly proud of our team members at every level,” said Joshua Foster, Sonoma Aviation’s safety manager. “Safety is our top priority and a core value. We’re very proud of the positive safety culture fostered and strengthened throughout this process.”

Josh Hochberg, CEO of Sonoma Aviation, said, “This is a significant milestone for our operations, demonstrating our consistent commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and service. None of this would have been possible without the full engagement of every team member at the company.”

IS-BAH, the International Standard for Business Aviation Handling, is an industry code of best practices established by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). IS-BAH sets the standard for top-tier operational practices, further enhancing the stellar safety record already demonstrated by business aviation. It provides guidance to FBOs in establishing and maintaining robust safety management systems (SMS) and operational programs, and fostering a performance-based andrisk-averse culture.

This voluntary accreditation process included a rigorous in-person audit performed by MacPherson Aviation Audits. Stage 3certification is the program’s highest standard, marked by the full integration of safety management activities and the cultivation of a positive safety culture. Only a handful of FBOsin the United States have achieved this status.

Hochberg said, “As a company that lives our values, it is especially meaningful to us to achieve the IS-BAH Stage 3 safety standard at Carlsbad Jet Center and Sonoma Jet Centermere days after our highly successful Green Fuel Day, which raised awareness of the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Sonoma Jet Center.”

Together, Carlsbad Jet Center and Sonoma Jet Center offer flight operations with luxurious, customer-centric and, above all, safe aviation services connecting guests with the wide array of business and leisure destinations in northern and southern California. 


Sonoma Aviation owns and operates exceptional FBOs in California, including Carlsbad Jet Center in Carlsbad andSonoma Jet Center in Santa Rosa. By staying true to its values of safety, teamwork, hospitality, community, innovation and sustainability, Sonoma Aviation is known throughout the aviation industry for its dedicated professionals who truly care about their clients, their communities and their team.  

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