Kristin Lackey

Kristin is the Brand Manager at Sonoma Aviation, where her passion for aviation and expertise in branding converge to create dynamic strategies and initiatives. brings a dynamic blend of expertise and enthusiasm to her role as Brand Manager at Sonoma Aviation. Her leadership style is characterized by a focus on collaboration, continuous learning, and fostering […]

Clayton Lackey

Clayton is a driven manager, focused on running a lean and efficient operation that continues to far exceed the current customer demands. He consistently invests the necessary time in preparing his team to achieve their maximum potential.  Clayton is unique in that he can delve into operational systems development and financial analysis – all while […]

Jeremy Epperson

Jeremy Epperson is a long-time aviation professional with experience in flight, management and high margin sales. He is also experienced in FBO management, excellent customer service and interacting with a diverse range of individuals, including high-profile CEOs, celebrities, commercial pilots, and service professionals. Jeremy is a true world-class leader in the aviation community. His life-long passion […]

Josh Foster

Josh is the Safety Manager at Sonoma Aviation. His dedication to leadership and team development is evident in his interactions and managerial approach. With a fervent passion for safety, Josh invests wholeheartedly in every aspect of his role, ensuring that safety standards are not just met but exceeded. Josh earned his Bachelor’s degree in History […]